Character Education Resources For Life!

Character Programs exists to provide affordable character education solutions and anti-bullying programs to K-12 schools.

 In an age where bullying and cyberbullying are on the rise, we bridge the gap with schools by providing: Character Education CurriculaEducator Training and In-Services, and Anti-Bullying School Assemblies.

  • All 50 U.S. States have now passed anti-bullying legislation.
  • Only one-third of U.S. teachers feel trained in how to deal with bullying.
  • Schools that implement bullying prevention programs see a 35% decrease in bullying incidents at the middle school level, and a 31% decrease in bullying at the high school level.

With Character Programs, there is hope. Students need a better solution than simply reporting all bullying, and schools need a solution that provides more than damage control. At Character Programs, we believe in empowering students with skills to prevent bullying from the inside out, and that starts with character! We look forward to working with your school to provide affordable solutions that are effective and make sense.

Call us today to discuss how we can partner together to reduce the victim mentality, empower students, and develop a culture of character at your school!